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Doulas at your Doorstep, a Fundraiser

Join us on November 9th for the Doulas at Your Doorstep Concert and Auction! Funds raised go entirely to Postpartum Community Support Bursaries. We will be gathering at The Mateda for an incredible, uplifting evening of songs, stories, and a silent auction with lots of fabulous items and services on which to bid!

This event aims to bring the audience a unique experience with insight to the universally but untold story of the bittersweet-hard-humourous-emotional-inelegant journey of early parenthood and the astounding disconnect between “expectation” and “reality” that we believe each mother (and perhaps all parents) experiences in some way or shape.

Midwives and health nurses are citing rising rates of postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression in our community and in-home health and support services are rare to non-existent past 3 weeks postpartum.
It is expected that new mothers will have other parental support or extended family support and - the reality is all too often far from that...

Since 2015, our Doula Collective has responded to the rising call for postpartum support from 1 day postpartum to 12 months postpartum depending on the need/incident or health journey of the mother-infant(s) set. Many times finances are a barrier.

We aim in this event to bring the spotlight to
SUPPORT- Support for mothers, for partners and for enhanced infant attachment and development. We want to give creative expression to what this time of life entails.
Support after the birth is in many ways more important for long term health than support during labour.

Live music by Billie Woods, Yael Wand and Marta McKeever!!

Event info:
Sat. Nov 9th
5:30 doors and silent auction
6:30 - 9:15pm concert and auction

Earlier Event: October 4
Later Event: November 13
Peia Live at the Mateada